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Friday - 1 November 2019

Welcoming Remarks:
The Future of Entrepreneurship

E-Nation Symposium 2019 was successfully launched this evening by YB Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof from the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development. MaGIC’s CEO, Dzuleira Abu Bakar delivered her welcoming remarks on the Future of Entrepreneurship, while the co-founder of Fashion Valet and Duck Group, Vivy Yusof delivered a keynote on Empowering Fashionpreneurs of Tomorrow. The officiating ceremony marked the commencement of the 4-day symposium that will end this Saturday, filled with various keynotes, workshops, forums, career fair, esports tournament and many more.
Forum 01 : How Does Education Institutions Play a Role in Entrepreneurship Education and the Cultivation of Entrepreneurs? Panelists are Prof Dr Rofina Yasmin Othman (UM Office of Industry & Community Engagement), May Wong (Taylor's Education Group), Dr. Jieun Ryu (University of Northampton, UK) and Profesor Dr Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad (UMK Entrepreneurship Institute). Moderated by Danial Rahman, the panelists are explaining the kind of programmes and frameworks they are using at their respective institutions in cultivating entrepreneurship education not just among students, but also on how it benefits their surrounding communities.
Slide Chat Session 01 : Scientific Selling for Startup Entrepreneurship by Vicks Kanagasingam  Chief Operating Officer of Xperanti IoT
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Forum 02 on Impact Investment: The Current Landscape brought 4 exciting panelists from impact investment circle to share about working with different social enterprises using various financial instruments and mentoring services, with highlight on agriculture, education and healthcare. When asked by the audience on the future of impact investment, one of the panelists answered that "We don't want to label ourselves as impact investors or social enterprises, moving forward, we should all be impact driven”.
A Story of Hope session today was beautifully delivered by Zafuan Kassim, founder of Locarbon Solutions as he passionately talked about climate change issues and action.
Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Research and Teaching Landscape Survey in Malaysia conducted by The British Council at MaGIC Cyberjaya during Day 1 of E-Nation Symposium 2019.
"It is a commitment to make Malaysia a nation that achieves sustainable growth along with fair and equitable distribution, across income groups, ethnicities, regions and supply chains. YBhg Datuk Wan Suraya Wan Mohd Radzi opening Day 2 of the E-Nation Symposium 2019 with a keynote speech on DKN2030 - How Malaysia is Evolving into an Entrepreneurial Nation.
Panel discussion on Policies Towards Building An Inclusive Entrepreneurship Ecosystem was moderated by Mr Amiruddin Abdul Shukor, with panelists of YBhg Datin Dr Syahira Hamidon, Mr Muhammad Nazim Abd Rahman, Dr Zainah Shariff, Mr Ali Salman and Mr Zikri Kholil. The discussion was majorly on how Malaysia can improve and adjust policies through learning from local and international entrepreneurship scene in achieving an inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem for everyone.
Rob Sewell, Chief Digital Transformation Officer from Maxis said that "One of the cultural challenge for corporations is that there tend to be an easy way to get ahead of operations by accepting that this is the way things are done, the tendency to make life at corporate easy because you do things the way your corporation does it. An innovator in a corporation actually has to say "I don't accept that that's the only way you can do things". Forum : Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship, E-Nation Symposium 2019.
Forum 04 today discussed on Building Ecosystem for Social Entrepreneurship where the panelists gave their inputs on certification system for SE, explaining about its detailed requirements. Besides, they also talked about the framework for responsible investment and factors of product viability.
Forum 06 today on Measuring Impact of Social Entrepreneurship has brought in fantastic panelists; Gomer Padong (Philippine Social Enterprise Development and Innovation), Dr Poonchai Chitanuntavitaya (Social Enterprise Thailand), Alfie Othman (Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise) and Ahmed Faris (Impact Integrated). Moderated by Adelena Lestari Chong (Paddee Connexions), they discussed on making internal changes, the meaning of SE, the right action to take based on the kind of impact and many more points that are beneficial for social entrepreneurs.
"Anything you touch is tech-based. All of us are going to be tech entrepreneurs so whether you like it or not, all of us need to understand technology" said Mr Gopi Ganesalingam, VP Enterprise Development, MDEC during the forum entitled The Future of Tech-based Entrepreneurship during the E-Nation Symposium at MaGIC Cyberjaya today.