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30 October - 2 November 2019
MaGIC Cyberjaya
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The MaGIC Entrepreneurial Nation (E-Nation) Symposium is a 4-day entrepreneurship symposium to connect aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, ecosystem influencers and industry leaders with the access and exchange necessary to stimulate and facilitate the spirit of entrepreneurship through creativity, innovation and social impact in Malaysia.

Under the theme “Shaping an Entrepreneurial Nation” MaGIC E-Nation aims to paint a canvas of future possibilities by fostering in-depth conversations around emerging technology, fresh entrepreneurial ideas, impact-conscious ventures, industry-specific future challenges and opportunities as well as the collaboration of entrepreneurs in finding new innovative approaches to solve real problems.

YB Datuk Seri
Mohd Redzuan Yusof

Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives

MaGIC E-Nation will be a convening ground for change makers to participate in 8 stimulating keynote sessions and panel discussions featuring over 40 locally and internationally renowned speakers, be engaged in startup essential workshops and partake in themed clinics.

Organised by Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC), MaGIC E-Nation is inline with efforts by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives in transforming Malaysia into an entrepreneurial nation by 2030.

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E-Nation Pillars


Dives into some of the most pressing issues and challenges that entrepreneurs today face in developing solutions of the future to embrace new technological revolutions.

Participants will be able to hear first-hand from seasoned entrepreneurs about their journeys and how they were able to create solutions that solve actual problems and pain-points by leveraging on creativity and innovation to further boost the impact of their solutions, while creating new economic drive for Malaysia.

Social Entrepreneurship

Increases awareness around the lucrativeness of social entrepreneurship and how it primarily focuses on the upliftment of society and the environment through radical change.

Usually confused with social activism, participants will be able to understand the importance of social entrepreneurship in uplifting marginalised communities and solving some of the nation’s most pressing issues as well as be inspired to adopt social entrepreneurship business models in their businesses.


Facilitates discussions around the importance of not just education in entrepreneurship but also entrepreneurship in education to develop entrepreneurial competencies.

Participants will be able to hear about some of the most critical transformations that are required for us to equip the students of today to face challenges of tomorrow effectively and how it is relevant and vital for us to make the necessary revisions to create future economic impact for our nation.


Examines current ecosystem barriers to outline possible policies and regulations required to create an environment conducive for innovation testing.

Participants will also be able to partake in conversations to identify frameworks that could be used to monitor and review toolkits and methodologies used in outlining policies and regulations while collaborating and building synergies to refine and enhance policies to encourage the adoption of technology for businesses.

Corporate Innovation

Fuels conversations that highlights how the private and public sector can capitalise disruptive technologies and build continuous innovation pipelines through creative and innovative solutions within companies as well as unlock a wealth of economic possibilities via collaborations with startups.

Participants will also understand the importance of mobilising private and public sector players to play an active role in nurturing a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Identifies the various dimensions of the creative arts and how current technologies are disrupting the industry.

Participants can gain an understanding of the role creativity and innovation can play in the creative sector while partaking in active discussions around the state of the ecosystem to further encourage people to create creative-based solutions to enrich and enhance the future creative industry in Malaysia.



Stimulating keynotes of future possibilities by fostering in-depth conversations around emerging technology

Mentoring Session

Detailed, hands-on sessions to guide startups by industry expert and key decision maker

Workshop & Clinic

Hands-on sessions to guide startups

Panel Session

Panel session between key personalities after keynotes, engaging inputs with the audienc

Networking Session

Get to know the ecosystem player, industry leader and startups


An opportunity for startups, students, aspiring entrepreneurs and investors alike to mingle and develop collaborations.


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Building Great Entrepreneurs

MaGIC enables and supports the sustainable growth of entrepreneurship in Malaysia. Our goal is to drive sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem development through innovation and creativity by creating value and new economic drive for Malaysia. We help entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey by collaborating with other government agencies, industries and community stakeholders. To build our nation’s innovation and creativity skills as well as grow talent, we offer dynamic programmes and capacity-building initiatives. MaGIC also positions Malaysia as a gateway into ASEAN for entrepreneurs to expand their business and reach. Social entrepreneurship is a key focus for us too as we aim to drive the movement forward through community engagement, capability development and social impact measurement initiatives.

MaGIC is an agency under the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDAC) with a mandate that realises the aspirations of the National Entrepreneurship Policy 2030 (Dasar Keusahawanan Nasional 2030) and contributes to the evolution of Malaysia into an entrepreneurial nation.

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